They say natural stones have a healing power

Published on : 02 September 20214 min reading time

Precious stones make people dream by their beauty and their colours. They are said to make women more beautiful. They have always been admired and sought after. In the past, they were very often attributed mystical and mysterious virtues. This is the case for everything that is rare and expensive.

But, the stones were very quickly adorned with another quality, that of healing, of relieving. It was the Greeks who first used them for therapeutic purposes, then the Orientals, the American Indians, the Hindus, the Chinese. The French are not to be outdone, the healers of the Middle Ages used emeralds to treat the liver.

Nowadays, healing with precious stones continues to make adepts. It has become an alternative medicine and has even been given a name: lithotherapy, which comes from the Greek word lithos which means stone.

But what is a gemstone anyway?

There are only 4 truly precious stones: diamond (white), sapphire (navy blue), ruby (red) and emerald (green).
Alongside these, there are a multitude of semi-precious stones: amethyst, jade, topaz, sanguine, amber, coral, aquamarine, hematite, agate, citrine, garnet, nephrite, turquoise, etc.
Lithotherapy does not only use precious stones, all stones are used, from the most expensive to the least expensive.

The essential characteristic of these stones is that they are all of different colours, which is the most important characteristic for lithotherapy. Find more about lithotherapy through
Indeed, it is the colours of the stones that determine their therapeutic effects. These stones would emit coloured vibrations that would act in different ways on the body. It is a little bit like chromotherapy.
Thus, there are three kinds of colors: the warm ones (red, yellow, orange, black) which are rather exciting, the cold ones (blue, purple, white) which soothe and the neutral ones (green and all its nuances) which harmonize and balance.
In fact, by using stones that have one of these colors, you will be soothed, relaxed, more balanced, more active, more excited.

How should we proceed in practice?

One of the most used methods is to place the gemstones directly on the chakras of your body. To each chakra corresponds a color. Thus, to rebalance your chakras, therefore your body, you must put on each chakra the stone that corresponds to it. There are 7 chakras: the 1 = red or black (ruby, garnet or hematite, etc.); the 2 = orange (carnelian, sun stone, etc.); the 3 = yellow (amber, citrine, yellow topaz, etc.). ); 4 = green (emerald, jade, malachite, etc.); 5 = light blue (sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine, etc.); 6 = dark blue (sodalite); 7 = purple (amethyst).
For this technique, it is preferable to call in a specialist because it is difficult to find exactly where the corresponding chakra point is located.

You can also wear stones as a pendant or put them in one of your pockets. They would thus have the power, thanks to their transmission of energy, to relieve the organs that need to be relieved.

There are also bracelets made of natural stones such as tiger’s eye, amazonite, amethyst … to name the best known, with multiple virtues.

Indeed, the effects of the lithotherapy is not any more to show, wear a bracelet stone has its wrist will allow you to feel all the benefits that the stone can communicate to you.

Massages with rock crystal are also possible. Some stones are ground into powder and mixed with food to be ingested.
Another technique is “magnetized water”, obtained by putting a stone in water overnight. The stone would transfer its energy to it. All you have to do is drink this water to regain your health and well-being.

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