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When it comes to fashion blogging, we're spoiled for choice. The fashion blogosphere is teeming with ideas, trends, dream lives and beauty tips. But it's hard to find your way through the millions of blogs (and growing) at your fingertips (and click). Here's a small selection to help you find the fashion blog that's right for you.

The most influential fashion blogs

Negin Mirsalehi

With a blog translated into 44 languages and 3.7 million subscribers on Instagram, Negin Mirsalehi is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world. Born into a family of beekeepers, the Dutch globetrotter launched her honey-based cosmetics brand and uses her fame to champion the cause of bees. Her Vlog on Youtube reveals the underside of her dream life.

Caroline Receveur

We won't introduce her to you anymore. One of the most followed personalities on social networks is today one of the most influential businesswomen in France. An accomplished blogger, the former Danse avec les stars candidate is celebrating her 2 million instagram subscribers at the beginning of this year. Her elegance and success would (almost) make us forget that she was a reality TV candidate.

Wendy's Lookbook

Wendy Nguyen seeks inspiration wherever she finds it: in art, architecture, nature, food, people, music... This fashion addict made her debut on Youtube and quickly became successful with her fashion tutos. Her video "25 Ways to Wear a Scarf" has more than 35 million views! Having become one of the most attractive bloggers for brands, Wendy has not lost sight of her first desire: to help people on the margins of society, particularly by being part of the association that helps young people in prison: InsideOutWriters.

Elsa Muse

ELLE magazine calls her "the most talented female influencer of her generation", but she's not a pretentious blogger. Elsa's primary goal?" Create while having fun". Moreover, her blog, feminine, colourful, creative and never without a touch of self-derision, is in this image. We love it.

Shine by three

The young Australian Margaret Zhang juggles her job as a photographer, model, writer, freelance stylist and blogger. Barely 23 years old, the blogger already works with the biggest luxury brands and rubs shoulders with the biggest fashion stars. Her dream life (for any self-respecting fashion addict) is just beginning and a great career seems to be waiting for her. To be continued!

Song of style

In 2008, Aimee Song, then an interior design student in San Francisco, launched a blog to share her passion (design). However, and to our great delight, Aimee began to regularly post photos of her ever-present clothing style and her travels around the world. A real media success, Song Of Style allowed her to launch her own jewelry line, as well as her clothing collection, made in Los Angeles.

Chriselle factor

The young mother Chriselle Lim started her career as a stylist by sharing her fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice through her blog. She also has a youtube channel (with almost 700,000 subscribers) to help women discover their true beauty and give them confidence. More than a chic trendsetter, Chriselle encourages women to dare to have their own style. Ready to (re)take over?
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