Baby furniture: where to find original creations?

Published on : 25 June 20203 min reading time

Baby is about to arrive and you are preparing a cosy, comfortable and warm room for him. Do you want a unique room with original furniture? Some designers design pretty, practical and very original furniture specially adapted for baby’s room. Here are a few addresses to help you find them.

Good addresses and websites

Machambramoi website

This site, specializing in furniture and decoration for children’s rooms, offers a large selection of furniture by very original designers. Machambramoi baby beds offers several models of baby beds and cribs, from 249€, all as original as the others. You will find for example: – The oval shaped baby egg bed which is available in several colours. – The Victor cot which is available in several colours is simply superb with its oval openings in transparent plexiglass. – The Bab baby bed is original with its shape of a small cart. – The cabin beds are also beautiful and very original. For the children’s beds, you will find boat, castle or fire engine beds. Chests of drawers, changing tables and wardrobes Some of them match the bed, the chests of drawers and wardrobes also play the card of originality. You will find chests of drawers in the shape of a water lily, a castle or even in a round shape, starting at 329€.

Verbaudet website

Verbaudet offers practical and original children’s furniture at attractive prices. For cots, you will find pretty models, but still quite classic. On the other hand, you will find original wardrobes and storage furniture, for example the beach cabin wardrobe (165€) or the caravan wardrobe (180€). Verbaudet also offers colourful storage bins to match a whole range of themed decorations (curtains, carpets, lights, etc.).

Decobb website

Decobb is an online decoration shop for children. Decobb offers you a large choice of design furniture for your baby. Beds From 259€, you will find beds and cradles for baby absolutely superb, and in particular the canopy bed, particularly original, proposed in version “château de rêve” for boys and “jardin de rêve” for girls. This bed, available from 642€, is evolutionary and will be used as a baby bed, then as a child’s bed and finally as a bench. The changing tables matching its two bed models are also superb. Chest of drawers, changing tables and wardrobes Decobb offers original chests of drawers from 300€.

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