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Which stone for which pain?

From searing emotional struggle to mild physical discomfort, pain can take many forms and shapes. Living with pain can dull our confidence, make us haul a heavy burden through life, and generally spoil our joy of life. It is tedious…

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Baby furniture: where to find original creations?

Baby is about to arrive and you are preparing a cosy, comfortable and warm room for him. Do you want a unique room with original furniture? Some designers design pretty, practical and very original furniture specially adapted for baby’s room….

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Where to buy cheap baby outfits?

Baby is not that easy to dress. Indeed, between the problems of sizes (from 1 to 23 months) and the sometimes exorbitant prices (in the 40€ range), we are quite happy to have at hand one or two tricks to…

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What are the steps to customize a t-shirt?

To save money, to give a second life to your favorite tee-shirt or to own original and unique clothes at a lower cost, personalizing a tee-shirt yourself is a good idea, easy to do. You want to know which paper…

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How do you make a knitted hat for your baby?

Knitting s coming back in force this year and young women are getting into it. It’s fun, not very complicated in terms of the basic stitches, interesting to practice (in the evening by the fire…) and good for finger gymnastics….

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How to choose a sling? 

Today there are more and more slings available, these slings have the same function as a baby sling but parents choose slings for the comfort it can give to their babies. There are many models of slings, so how to…

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How do I wash a handmade wool sweater?

It is well known that a stain is difficult to remove from a garment. But when it is a wool sweater, the task becomes more complicated. Several techniques exist but they differ according to the task and the type of…

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Selling sports clothing online

Eating better, moving more is part of the big picture recommendations for staying healthy. Listening only to these recommendations, the French indulge in sports walking, swimming, alone or with their families, weight training, hiking, fighting sports or jogging. For the…

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