How to choose a sling? 

Today there are more and more slings available, these slings have the same function as a baby sling but parents choose slings for the comfort it can give to their babies. There are many models of slings, so how to choose the right sling efficiently? how long to take? which brand to choose?

What length should you choose for your sling?

The length of the sling depends on how you plan to carry your baby. If you are going to stand your baby up against you take a wrap that is between 4m and 6m (because it also depends on your size). If you are going to put your baby in a lying position in a sling then take a 5m sling. However, if you want your baby to sit in the sling, you should take the longest sling because this requires a lot of crossing of the sling.

Which brand to choose?

If you are going to keep your baby slings for a very long time, choose the brands known in baby products. Usually these brands are specialised and know what is best for the comfort of the mum or dad and the baby. You can trust the brands Cotonéa and Bébina which give maximum comfort, moreover the material of the fabric is rigid which allows a better support of the baby in the wrap. Carrying slings with a guarantee You can also find carrying slings that are guaranteed for one year such as the carrying slings of the Wallaboo brand, do not hesitate to choose this kind of brand which guarantees you to exchange or refund your sling in case of problem, it is a guarantee of seriousness. Don't buy your baby slings on websites made by private individuals because very often they don't have the right ergonomics.

How much does a sling cost?

The price of baby slings varies between 15€ and a hundred euros. Of course you should avoid taking the first price, because very often the comfort will not be there and your sling may be damaged very quickly. You can find a good wrap for 70€ (prices as of April 2011) in baby shops, for this price you have a very good baby wrap that will not get damaged anytime soon.
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