What are the steps to customize a t-shirt?

To save money, to give a second life to your favorite tee-shirt or to own original and unique clothes at a lower cost, personalizing a tee-shirt yourself is a good idea, easy to do. You want to know which paper to use, which printing to choose or how to proceed? Here are a few tips to help you succeed in printing your T-shirts yourself.

Which paper?

Transfer paper This is a special heat-setting paper that is fixed with the heat of an iron. It comes in the form of an A4 sheet for light or dark fabrics. * It resists to a washing at 30° maximum. It is strongly advised not to wash it too hot, as there is a risk that your print may come off and/or melt. * It attaches easily to all known fabrics, even silk. Simply adapt the temperature of your iron to the nature of your fabric. Where to get it? * You will find them in supermarkets such as Cora, Auchan or Carrefour, in discount stores such as Vima, Lidl or Foir'Fouille (depending on arrival), in computer shops such as Office dépôt or Top Office, or in specialist shops such as Filcordo or Atout loisirs. The pack of 5 A4 sheets is sold between 5 and 15€. * You can also buy them on Internet sites.

Which printing?

To personalise a t-shirt for your child, you can choose between : * the photo of a loved one, * an image representing his passion or his favorite animal, * a lyric he likes like "Peace & Love", "Rock n' Roll" or "SuperGirl". Note Because of copyright, you must own the photos and images you print. Please be aware that printing brand logos such as "Puma", "Nike" or "Princess Disney" is considered counterfeit. However, it is prohibited by law and punishable by a fine.

How to proceed?

1. Print the chosen photo, image or text on the blank side of your transfer paper (not on the squared side). Please note! To print a text, don't forget to use the "reverse writing" function, otherwise your text will be written upside down. 2. Cut out your printout, peel off the grid paper as indicated in the instructions and position your photo, image or text as you wish. 4. Place the sheet provided or a simple sheet of printer paper on the printout and press your iron on it, without steam, for a maximum of 30 seconds. 5. Remove the sheet and allow to cool. Your shirt is ready.
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