Meaning and use of the Tibetan Mala Bracelet

If today the mala bracelet is worn every day and in all circumstances without necessarily having any use except for style, its original use is much more spiritual. This Tibetan jewel accompanies Buddhists during their meditation sessions. Indeed, the mala is a bracelet used to recite prayers and mantras. It is therefore used like a rosary and can be worn, depending on its length, around the neck as a mala necklace or around the wrist.

What is a Mala bracelet?

The Mala bracelet, also called Buddhist rosary, is a jewel made of 108 beads and a larger central bead called the Guru. The mala is traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhist monks during prayer or meditation. Nowadays, the mala bracelet is a fashionable accessory and you don't need to be religious or have a spiritual practice to own a piece of jewellery. The mala is worn in different ways: as a bracelet wound in several turns on the wrist; or or as a necklace around the neck

How to use a Mala?

At Yoga Zen Boutique, we recommend using your mala as a reminder of your intention to live a conscious life and find your inner peace away from the negative energies of everyday life. All those who practice some kind of meditation will be very conscious of this type of Buddhist bracelet. The Tibetan mala bracelet is a jewel that contains deep energy to increase concentration in meditation exercises. It is also a perfect complement as a bracelet or necklace.

Other uses of a mala

In addition to the fact that a Tibetan mala bracelet is traditionally used for mantra recitation and prayer, it also has other non-religious uses such as lithotherapy, meditation and yoga. Mala bracelets are often used in lithotherapy especially when they are made of natural stones. And for good reason, natural stones and crystals release energies that are beneficial to physical and psychological health. Wearing a mala bracelet regularly can therefore improve well-being. Visit for more information about lithotherapy. In meditation, the Tibetan mala bracelet gives an objective value of the duration of each of your sessions. It is also an accessory that can help you to work on your patience and concentration, which are essential virtues for meditation. But one can also see in it a much deeper symbolism representing the journey of one's inner signifying paths that can be crossed ad infinitum always revealing new riches. Finally, practicing yoga using a mala bracelet can allow you to reach a state of deep inner serenity more quickly. Just like in meditation, it will allow you to stay focused and abstract from everything around you.

The mala, much more than just a jewel

In our shop, you will find very different models of Buddhist bracelets and Tibetan malas bracelets. All of them are made of natural materials. The Buddhist symbols such as the lotus flower, the Buddha or the Om symbol are associated with materials such as wood and semi-precious stones (agate, turquoise, moonstone, quartz, amethyst...). You will find your happiness among the Tibetan Buddhist malas with more colorful patterns, and those made of wood with more elegant decorative elements. We propose different models according to the design, with small beads or bigger beads.
How to choose your Mala bracelet?
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