How to choose your Mala bracelet?

Published on : 02 September 20213 min reading time

The mala bracelet is a spiritual jewel that has become an essential part of our everyday look. But in front of all the models which are proposed it can be difficult to make your choice.

Choose a mala bracelet according to its aesthetics

The natural stones that make up mala bracelets have the advantage of offering an extraordinary aesthetic. Whether you like the colours or on the contrary you wish to remain sober, many possibilities are available to you.

For those who want to bet on sobriety, a mala bracelet made of obsidian stones will be a relevant choice, amazonite will bring a touch of softness to your wrist and finally wooden beads will add a touch of exoticism and naturalness to your look.

Choose a mala bracelet with beneficial effects

Mala bracelets are made of semi-precious stones often used in lithotherapy.

It is therefore possible to choose to wear a mala bracelet for its effects on the body. Find peace by wearing a mala made of amethysts or tiger’s eye to reduce stress, there are no less than 50 different stones used in lithotherapy. You can check MINERALS KINGDOM if you are interested in learning more about lithotherapy.

In other words, you are sure to find the mala that will help you feel better spiritually, physically or mentally.

Choose a mala for a specific use

Mala bracelets are traditionally used by Buddhists to recite mantras. So if you want to buy a mala bracelet for a particular use, ask yourself the right questions: a mala bracelet for meditation? Will it serve as a permanent reminder of your intentions in your daily life?

If your goal is to wear a mala bracelet for meditation, it is perfect because it is made for that purpose.

If you are thinking of using your mala in your daily life as a permanent reminder of a goal or thought that you never want to forget, the reason is just as commendable. In this case you can wear mala bracelets as well as necklaces. It is even possible to combine several types of stones. Lava stones, quartz, amethysts or turquoise, don’t hesitate to multiply the mala bracelets to enjoy all their benefits.

Whatever your reasons for wearing a mala bracelet, keep in mind that it remains a spiritual jewel full of meaning. It is a jewel that will undeniably add a touch of originality to your everyday look.

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