What is the difference between fashion and trend?

Published on : 25 June 20202 min reading time

It seems to me that a fashion is more assertive than a trend. There was a time when women, for example, didn’t wear trousers: it was very frowned upon. The actress Marlene Dietrich had been expelled from a casino …but she launched women’s trousers long before Yves Saint Laurent made them famous. You could say that it was a trend and that with Saint Laurent, it became fashionable.

Difference between fashion, style and trend

Fashion refers to an expression of clothing, accessories, make-up, linked to a given period. An expression that refers to codes coming from history, music, colour. Fashion is presented at the 4 main Fashion Week: Fashion Week New York. Fashion Week London. Fashion Week Paris, the only one that also presents Haute Couture. Fashion Week Milan. These fashion shows present all the know-how of fashion professionals which lasts from 1 to 3 years.

The style is distinguished by the treatment of materials, shapes and colours, but you also have the style of a person, which translates into his personal way of asserting his personality, his taste in clothing. For example, Jacky Kennedy, Lady Gaga.

The trend is spontaneous, without a definite objective. It may be subject to several changes just for one season while others become timeless. Fashion professionals rely on all existing trends and, above all, increasingly take into account the colour that manages the sectors of our society, our culture, our history, our symbolism, our life.

The trend is temporary, a current, a momentary influence according to the seasons, events, currents of thought, political or philosophical without forgetting the instinct of the designers working in fashion.

It is a real social phenomenon that concerns tastes, styles, ways of living and is characterized by a short time, a rapid change. In other words, it is a cycle during which we observe a collective passion followed by a rapid indifference.

But it is only a “wave” that surfs cheerfully and vigorously over a definite moment but which quickly runs aground.

In fact, there is not a trend but trends. Twelve to twenty trends per season are offered to consumers. The major trends of the season are called must-haves while the others are beginner trends that will not really be accepted by the majority of the population.

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