Spring-summer season, the tropical trend

Published on : 04 December 20192 min reading time

With the tropical trend that tends to spread during this season, it will be possible to put sunshine in your dressing room. Here are the essential pieces to absolutely have in your dressing room to stay trendy on any occasion and to welcome summer well.

The must have dressing rooms

Everyone loves summer, it’s time to get rid of the big coats and find the mid-season jackets as well as the beautiful light dresses and pastel colours. We also say goodbye to boots and adopt barefoot for a lighter feel. What are the fashion trends this season? Bohemian and romanticism are the watchwords. We will find the “sleepwear” and the “new lingerie” that are once again trying to make their mark on the podium. There are also babydolls, lace, silk pants and transparency. The bohemian spirit is reflected in the long and vaporous dresses with prints with a serious penchant for the tropical trend. We will attend the return of the flower prints and balloon sleeves. Braces and navels in the air will also mark this season. Fashion trends also invite you to take a walk on the beaches with the purely tropical lightweight parkas models. The spring blue sea dresses, the baskets will make their big comeback to the delight of the holidaymakers.

More colours, more colours

Since summer is just around the corner, it is essential to let go of the dull and sad colours. Let’s dare the color, orange will be everywhere this season, the advantage is that it adapts with tanned skin. Those who will have trouble with the tropical trend and the related colours, there is always pink. It can range from the darkest to the lightest and includes fluorescent light. So there will be a choice. Summer will be marked by the metallic that will be found in dresses, shoes, jackets and bags.

Finally, you should know that this season’s print is stripes. Whether thin or thick, it will be found on all types of clothing. The tropical print will also continue to rise with palm tree or exotic plant motifs. To wear it well, let’s bet on the maxi pants and summer suits. Or if you’re comfortable with ethnic prints, they’ll do the trick. It is possible to choose from green, yellow, brown or even wax print.

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