Fashion: The 14 fashion accessories for stylish young girls

Looking for inspiration to redesign your wardrobe? The editorial team is pleased to reveal a selection of the most trendy dresses and clothes for young girls. Glamorous pumps, bracelets or watches... Everything is there to give you a thousand ideas of beauty. These accessories will make you one of the most stylish girls in your school.

A pair of earrings

Let yourself be tempted by the slender earrings. They will enhance your pretty face and give you an ineffable guinguette look. Price: 13 euros.

A hat

The hat is a fashion imponderable. It has the gift of embellishing a modest and classic outfit, in addition to being a sun cover during this summer season. For your information, the ASOS hood is sold for 27 euros.

A pretty pump

Nothing beats a pair of pumps, if you dream of an elegant and graceful gait.

A necklace

How can you not succumb to a brand name necklace that gracefully highlights your cleavage? There will be no shortage of opportunities to wear it: an evening, a family banquet or a work meeting.

A sunglasses

To enjoy the sun shamelessly, it is wise to invest in a sunglasses. This fashion accessory will play a useful role during outdoor activities or outings with friends.

A pocket

Convenient and practical, the pouch provides a safe place to store your personal belongings.

An adidas basketball

The adidas basketball is one of the essential sports kits. To be planned when you renew your wardrobe.

Converse them

Another shoe model that will delight young fashionistas.

Pretty moccasins

These types of shoes can be adapted to all circumstances. However, they are very expensive if they are made of genuine leather: 495 euros.


Styling will give you a more feminine look. Prefer the Aquazzura brand which is sold at 495 euros/pair.

A gold or silver bracelet

It's a fashion accessory from which stylish girls never part for long.

A glamorous watch

To look your best, invest in a luxury timepiece, like a Michael Kors watch. Price: 160 euros.

A handbag

A lightweight handbag, with an impeccable finish and a flap closure. It contains two or three pockets to keep your belongings safe. Price: 13.30 euros.

A design binder

The schoolbag is a student's aid, but manufacturers have undertaken to improve its design to make it more comfortable to wear. Choose a functional and aesthetic schoolbag from River Island.  Price: 40 euros.
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