Fashion clothing: tips for being “in”

Even if summer is a little late in coming, it is important to know what clothes you absolutely need in your wardrobe to be able to keep up with the trend. Say goodbye to your velvet dresses, suede coats and boxes it's time to take inspiration from the soft and colourful collections of the season.

Seasonal trends

When we talk about summer, we immediately think of the blue sky, the holidays, the ice cream and the glasses we will drink on the terrace. But we must not forget the new fashion trends like those available on During this season, we will find some parts that were abandoned last year. The great classics that you always must have in your dressing room are of course heard, the white dress or the combishort or trousers that, over the years, have become a real must have. However, there will be new items such as clothing in soft colours, fluid and light fabrics, lace, embroidery and long dresses. The pieces will be a nod to the 80s and 90s with the great return of the bra. In addition, you will find sleepwear trying its luck again in the trend departments. These are the pieces that remind us of our sleeping clothes but will be much more original.  Fashion jewellery as essential fashion accessories for women accompany their clothing.

Parts to be credited

Think of mid-season jackets, you can turn to the summer parka or the k-way. The kimono will add a touch of originality to your outfit. Remember that even if the white dress remains trendy, it will also be interesting to turn to denim dresses or denim-style dresses. They will be available in several shapes and with or without handles. It is up to you to highlight it with the right accessories. As far as pants are concerned, you can always wear jeans. But the combined or the famous coordinated is one of the tendencies not to be ignored. It's about tuning your top and bottom. Generally, it is a cropped-top combined with a midi skirt or high waist pants.

The colours to be displayed

The colours of the season are soft and light. Pink, yellow, green, blue and pastel colours will stand out from the game. So the season looks very romantic! For printed products, use stripes. Whether large, thin or colourful, they will bring out your silhouette. The ethnic print will also be perfect, but it will be harder to wear. With all this information, it will be easier for you to choose your outfit. You will be "in" in all circumstances.  Let's talk about the tattoo, that's the big trend right now. Connected by their graphics to the world of tattooing, tattoo patterned t-shirts are considered ideal fashion accessories for those who want to surf on the popularity of tattooing. Because it is an irreversible act, tattooing requires careful consideration. Visit, to find out more before your first experience.
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