Which colours should I wear according to my morphology?

Published on : 04 December 20193 min reading time

Finding the colours that benefit us the most is not an easy task. These few tips below will help you see more clearly and help you choose the colours of your clothes according to your morphology. This way, you will highlight yourself at each of your outings. Follow the guide.

How do we know which colours fit us?

The best way to find the right colour for your complexion and hair colours is to pass the colorimetry test that professionals use when relooking. You can do it at home in front of your mirror. To do this, simply place the colour near your face. If the colour reveals your complexion and gives you a healthy glow, it means it suits you. Otherwise, it should be avoided. Some colours can indeed bring out all your little imperfections. If you don’t know how to do it and you don’t know the difference, you can go to a professional or take a free little test online. If not, if you have friends who have a good eye, ask his opinion.

Tips for choosing colours

First, make the difference between warm and cold colours. The difference lies mainly in the degree of yellow or blue in the colour. If the colour tends towards yellow it is a warm colour in the case where it tends towards blue, it is a cold colour. We would tend to associate red with a warm colour, but it could also be associated with a cold colour. A burgundy contains, for example, a bluish touch. Once you understand this principle, you will be able to choose your colour more easily. The most commonly used technique is that of the season. It is a question of considering three elements that will give you the possibility to define the shades that correspond to your face, the colour of your hair as well as your eyes.

A colour for each woman

If you have light hair such as blond, dark blond or chestnut, the colour that suits you best is gold, because in winter your skin tends to go through yellow beige. For women with green, blue or hazel eyes, the preferred colour is warm tones such as brown, gold, beige, aniseed green, orange or turquoise. Avoid burgundy and Klein blue. Women with blond hair and milky skin and blue or green eyes will be highlighted with cold tones such as plum or raspberry. Bluish reds, water greens, greys and off-whites will also go. They must avoid the orange. Women with auburn or red hair and very pale skin, brown or green eyes will look good with warm colours such as Klein blue, paprika orange, salmon or caramel. They will avoid pink and navy blue. Finally, women with very pale or very dark skin with dark hair and blue green, black or grey blue eyes can choose three warm tones such as peach or brown and three cold tones such as light colours, fuchsia, red, bright yellow or royal blue. Forget the dull and pale colours.

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