Where to buy a tailor-made suit?

Getting a suit cut is a pleasure, especially if it is a professional who takes care of it. Moreover, it would be a pity to do without such a distinction, as the cost of the service has become affordable. But the tailor must be informed down to the last detail to make you the suit that suits your expectations. To do this, you need to have the basic knowledge.

Choosing the right fabric

The fabric is a determinant of the cost of the costume. It must be made entirely of wool or made of an alliance of silk and wool, natural materials. To estimate its quality, touch the fabric, crumple it, look at it in daylight. A good quality fabric does not wrinkle and is free of defects. As far as the tones to be preferred are concerned, according to Gérad Lamazère, the co-founder of Faubourg Saint Sulpice, grey is a basic colour. However, a frame, depending on its status and character, may also choose houndstooth or prince-of-wales patterns, for example.

The impression of your style

Once you have chosen your fabric, make, with the help of the tailor, the composition of your tailor-made suit. He will assist you in defining the elements that will make your jacket special, such as the lining (patterned or plain, contrasting or tone-in-tone), the pockets (bias, straight, piped or flap), the appearance of the collar, the number of slots on the back and the number of buttons on the front. Do the same for the pants, choosing the shape of the pliers, front and back pockets, lining, loops, for a belt. You can choose a different colour for the topstitching and have your initials indicated in the lining of the jacket. If you are right-handed, choose an inside pocket on the left (and the opposite if you are left-handed).

Names to remember when buying a custom suit

To make your tasks easier, discover the three (03) names to remember to have a custom suit made. First, there are Camps de Luca, whose tailor-made costumes have dressed, among others, important personalities in the world. With totally handmade costumes, fabrics selected from the rarest and finest, the brand is now one of the best known in the field.  There is also Cifonelli, the Italian masters' brand, for men's tailor-made costumes. Having existed for more than a hundred years, Cifonelli is a real myth in the profession, to such an extent that fashion giants have always honoured him. Thirdly, there are Les Dandys, where the service offer is oriented towards men. With a threshold of 700 €, the prices of her costumes are within reach of all budgets. For the taking of measurements, it will be at your home or in its workshops. The choice is yours.
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