How to take care of your crystal jewellery?

Let's continue our journey into the vast and fascinating world of lithotherapy by taking an interest in the care of stones. The stones transmit their benefits to us through an exchange of energy. You may be familiar with the hermetic formula "As above, so below", meaning "What is above is like what is below". This is also true for our relationship with crystals, the energy does not flow in one direction but is exchanged with the stone. Thus in contact with them we transmit our own energies to them, which can sometimes be negative. So that the minerals do not retransmit to us negatively charged energy but all their benefits, it is necessary to purify them regularly. Visit and learn more information about natural stones virtues.


There are many methods of purification but here are the ones I recommend to preserve the durability of your jewelry: Purification with sage or incense: It is a light purification, easy to realize regularly which uses the properties of the element "Air". Pass your jewel in the smoke of the sage stick or in that of the incense while visualizing that the energies contained in the stone dissolve and fly away with the smoke. Purification by salt without contact: Salt is known in many cultures for its purifying properties. Put coarse salt in a bowl and your jewelry in a glass container. Place it in the center of the bowl with the salt all around. The amount of salt should be higher than the jewel to cover it. Let it work for 2 to 3 hours and after having recovered your stone, throw the salt in the sewer without touching it in order not to be in contact with the negative energies of which it is now charged.


As you may have guessed, stones do not have the same rhythm of life as humans, they take thousands or even millions of years to form, so the cycle of recharging their energy is much longer than ours. A human renews his forces in 24 hours, whereas it takes several years for minerals. By working with them we draw on their energy, so they need our help to renew it and continue to bring us their benefits. Please note that the recharging is done after the purification of your stone. In the light of the moon: All the stones can be reloaded in the lunar light, it is enough to place them all night long under the light of the night star. It is not obligatory that it is during a full moon but it is the moment when its energy is the most powerful. In the sunlight: You can also expose your stones to the sun so that the energy of the daytime star is transmitted to them. Nevertheless all the crystals do not accept it like the amethyst which would lose its colour. On a crystalline cluster: You can place your stones on a rock crystal or amethyst geode. Because of the multiple crystals composing the cluster, the energy gathering is sufficient to recharge your stones. You can place them under the light of the moon in order to multiply the effect tenfold. You wonder perhaps when to carry out the purification & the recharging of your crystals? For the stones that you wear regularly I advise you to do it about once a month. It is the occasion to take advantage of the energies of the full moon for example even if any other moment of the lunar cycle is just as adequate. If you are going through a difficult period in your life and you feel that you are using a lot of the energy of your stone to help you get through it, it can be useful in this case to do it every week. I think that you should see the crystals as plants that you want to take care of so that they can continue to bring you well-being & beauty. They deserve it, don't they?
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